Dive Sites and Things to do  Around California

California:California I can only speak as to SoCal.

  • SCUBA: I  did a number of dives in Cali. The best way to go is with my friends at Beach City SCUBA. They have a number of stores and boats  in the SoCal Area, ready to serve you. https://beachcitiescuba.com/
  • Sailing: Wow just wow, tons of Sailing, Regattas and Racing in the area. Its amazing. The 2 yacht clubs I commonly went to are Seal Beach Yacht Club and Navy Yacht Club. They both the great places to meet people and host amazing event. 
  • Hiking and Mountain Biking:  The trails are amazing and commonly upkept follow the local laws of Commie-fornia. I always dealt with Jax Bikes, they have great customer service, service techs, and good pricing. As well usually have a list of up coming rides in the area.
  • Rugby: Rugby is massive in the SoCal Area, just about every high school and plenty of middle schools have teams. Also there is club session.  There is too many to list and a lot of great people involved. Nearly Every City has a youth and adult  clubs.

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