Dr. Dan Chase MSDT, EFR-I, CPT

Dan has been diving for nearly 35years and a SCUBA Professional for nearly 20 years. In his SCUBA career, he has owned or managed dive shops around the world, aided or ran several oceanic research projects.

He is a Specialty Instructor for over 20 specialties and plans on becoming a Course Director as soon as he can. 

Favorite Dive Areas: Tonga (cave and cavern) , BVI  (for reefs & 200ft/Trimix), Artic (Ice Diving), Greece (historical), Saipan/Tinian (WW2 Wreck Dives), Myanmar (species research)

Wint War, Office Mgr. and AOWD

Just started diving in 2024, and is working on the steps to become a PADI Professional.

Favorite Dive Areas: Ngapali in Myanmar