Discover SCUBA Diving

This program is excellent for those interested in finding out what it is like to breath underwater and experience the underwater world.

Even though it does not result in a certification, it can be credited as your first open water dive towards your PADI open water certification.

We will also register your program with PADI for you. Upon completion of the program, your dives will count as a credit towards your first dive when you take a future PADI open water course. Of course, after you see how much fun diving is, we hope you will jump right into getting a full certification.

Follow the Steps:
Scan the QR Code or use the quick link.
Download the PADI App that pops up.
Create a PADI Profile.

Complete the PADI e-Learning Course.

Schedule the Dive(s) with use.

Pay the Fee.

Let's Go Diving.